About Us



We are a Legal and Governance platform where Citizens at all levels, take part and provide or share opinions at panels of discussion about, main pressing and important issues of concern which would be in the form of some case related facts, valuable view points (opinions) from people to be represented in the field of governance, providing and catering for the consultancy needs to help the justice mechanism work in every manner and to provide the very best of Legal and Governance aid, as well as to improve the mechanism through all innovative means, that are possible. It is a very new and innovative idea that involves public opinion for instance, the Public Jury in the U.S.A, who come to a cohesive conclusion by analysing all points, facts and angles put together to seek justice in its present form which leads to, equity of justice and enable to help get justice faster instead of lingering in courts for years. We would be putting forth your suggestions and analytical view summarized to the advocates arguing and fighting the case.


The Main Objectives: The demand for uplifting the Justice in Equity values:

 •To cater the cases pending, case hearing at the initial stage, middle and at the last stage for better solutions,

•To let the public put their valuable opinion for a case and help the Advocates, the Judges and the Justice factor to be brought with ease.

•To let them be part of Justice bringing mechanism system and to however, provide a 360 angle viewpoint for Advocates, Judges, Legal fraternity and citizens, as well as their valuable opinions that matters.

•To as a platform, cater for the development of a healthy path, that brings Justice in a Speedy manner.

The Focal Point:

​1.Bridging the gap between Justice System and Common Citizens together to provide a sound base of Pure Justice,

2. Engaging common citizens to be active Judicial Mechanisms or Machineries.

3. To have a good view of the common citizen's overall, knowledge about the legal sphere.

4. To provide legal students with first hand experiences, best opinions that, will help to improve their knowledge and research skills, Non legal but important views and other positive opinion, which will help improve the system.